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Additional Services

Your time is precious. Let us handle everything!


We can't do our job without ice! We will provide premium restaurant quality ice for the entire duration of the event. 


Starting at $100

Prep Work

Includes all the required prep work for craft cocktails.

Starting at $100

+ reimbursement for ingredient cost


We charge per kilometer for events outside the Winnipeg area.


Extra Staff

All packages include an adequate amount of staff for each event. We will happily bring more if you would like.



Save time by having us

shop for you. Groceries include lemons, limes, pop, juices, etc.

Starting at $100

+ reimbursement for grocery cost


Includes renting, cleaning, pick up and drop off of glassware.

Starting at $100

+ reimbursement for rental cost

Extra Time

All bookings include 5 hours of service time. We will happily stay longer if needed!


Extra Cocktails

Each event includes your choice of up to 3 premium crafted cocktails. Want more? No problem!

Starting at $100

Please note that the ice, glassware and grocery services are intended to save you time and are optional service ad-ons.

Please note that the "Prep Work" service may be added automatically depending on your cocktail choices for the event. For the majority of cocktails, in-house syrups and freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice are essential ingredients and will have to be made prior to the event.


Arrival and Departure Times

Depending on the type of event, we will arrive at least 60-90 minutes before the scheduled start time. This will provide us with adequate time to set up our supplies and familiarize ourselves with the venue. Once the event has finished, we will clean up accordingly and ensure that the bar was in the state that it was in when we arrived.   


Liquor License

We require all event hosts to obtain a valid liquor license for their establishment of choice. If the event is taking place on a private residence, a liquor license is not required. All of our bartenders have their valid Smart Choices Responsible Service Certification.



We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure your event! The remaining balance is subject to change as additional fees may be added. Please see and review the ‘additional services’ so nothing comes as a surprise. Once the additional fees have been added, we will send you a finalized invoice. The final invoice is due a maximum of 2 days past the event date. Failure to pay within this period will result in penalty. The Client Agreement outlines payment in more detail. Payment options include cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card. Payment in the form of credit card will be subject to a 3.5% processing fee. Payment in the form of e-transfer can be sent to our email address, admin@ontherockswinnipe



Tips are not expected and we do not require auto gratuity. However, our bartenders will typically set up a tip jar for guests if they wish to support our employees. Tip option will also be available on invoices if you wish to help us grow!


Client Agreement

A document will be emailed to each client outlining expectations and requirements for both parties. In order to compete the booking process, the document must be signed and returned. Please contact us if you wish to view the document before proceeding with the booking process.

Please carefully review the disclaimers on this page in order to establish a mutual understanding and agreement with us. If you have any questions or are unclear on certain topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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